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Barker and Wags Leapdog
LeapDOG is a scientifically formulated joint care supplement that supports healthy joints, skin and bones and fortifies the immune system.
LeapDOG includes glucosamine and chondroitin alongside other active ingredients in an easily digestible oat-based pellet form. The active ingredients are quickly absorbed into a dog’s body to help maintain the formation and function of cartilage, the degeneration of  which is one of the major causes of joint pain and arthritis in dogs.
Barker and Wags luxury memory foam dog beds are manufactured to the highest specification in the UK.
Memory Foam has been a revolutionary invention and is used throughout the NHS and by professional and amateur athletes alike as it provides a quicker recovery time after injuries and a better rest after exhausting training and playing.

Your dog can now benefit from the same unique heat and pressure sensitive qualities leading to speedier recovery times from injury and better rest and recuperation.

Barker and Wags dog car ramps are ideal for helping pets get into and out of vehicles.
The stress imposed on a dog’s joints when entering or getting out of a vehicle is significant and any large breed or ageing dog would benefit from a dog car ramp.
Exercise is important for all dogs and especially those suffering from joint pain, arthritis or dysplasia as they need to have regular exercise for their body to produce necessary lubricating fluids
A dog car ramp will help you both continue to enjoy your regular exercise.