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LeapDOG Testimonials continued

The vet recommended that we give Arthur a glucosamine supplement to his normal diet to help him get better after he was knocked down and his leg was broken. He’s been taking LeapDOG for 4 weeks and the vet thinks it must have helped as he’s desperate to chase everything again.

Annie, Perth.


We had tried a couple of different glucosamine supplements before starting on LeapDOG. None of them had seemed to make any difference, but after using a tester bag of LeapDOG Brewster keeps up with us now on our walks.

Gwen, Gloucester.


Our German Shepherd was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia when she was three and we have had courses of hydrotherapy treatment and Rimadyl over the last four years. We started Ember on LeapDOG after a tester sample was given to us and have not looked back since.

Paula, Devon.


Lucy, our red setter, is very fussy about her food and it’s difficult to get her to take tablets - even when we stuff them inside treats she seems to know. There was never a problem with LeapDOG. She seems to like the taste of  it.

Darren, London.