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Barker and Wags LeapDOG FAQ Continued


My dog is healthy, why should I give him / her any supplements?

Barker and Wags LeapDOG provides natural minerals and vitamins to supplement a normal diet which will help your dog to live a longer healthy life. Most pet foods contain preservatives and may not contain the quantities of vitamins and minerals to sustain your dog in peak health. By giving your dog a quality supplement such as Barker and Wags LeapDOG you are helping them to remain fit and healthy in the future.

How does your guarantee work?

If you are not completely satisfied with our product simply return the item for a full refund. For more details see our guarantee.

When would I expect to see the results from giving Barker and Wags LeapDOG to my dog?

This depends on the dog and the condition you are treating, but often results are seen within 4 weeks.

Barker and Wags LeapDOG is a maintenance supplement which promotes healthy joints and fortifies your dog’s immune system thereby helping your dog to live a longer healthy more active life.

What’s the recommended daily amount of LeapDOG for my dog?

Small dogs (under 15kg) = approximately 5g (½ scoop)

Average dogs (between 15-30kg) = approximately 10g (1 scoop)

Large dogs (over 30kg) = approximately 20g (2 scoops)

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