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Welcome to Barker and Wags...your dog’s best friends.

We know how important it is to eat a healthy diet, take regular exercise and have fun!
Many dogs like us suffer from joint pain, arthritis and dysplasia. We have developed a range of products that can help your dog  maintain a healthy more active life.

Barker and Wags Leapdog
Supports healthy joints, skin & bones
Maintains the integrity of cartilage
Fortifies your dog’s immune system

LeapDOG is a complementary dog food with glucosamine and chondroitin that aids mobility and wellness.

Try a LeapDOG sample pouch and see for yourself the amazing difference it can make.











Dietary Concerns
The PDSA estimate that 35% of domesticated dogs are obese (2010) and the trend is likely to continue to affect over 50% of dogs by 2013 putting them at risk of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.
The first commercial Dog Food Supplement was manufactured by Spratts who founded the processed dog food industry. Not all processed dog foods contain the right balance of ingredients for a healthy diet.
Best Dog Diet explores diet options all owners should consider.
Barker and Wags News
Exercise and diet play a key role in keeping your best friend fit and healthy. Check out our unique go walking tool to find a walk near you. Help others to enjoy the best walks by plotting your favourites walks too.
Barker and Wags are here to help you find new walks, make informed choices and to recommend products and services we think will help you and your dog enjoy life that little bit more.
You can follow Barker and Wags exploits on their blog and keep up with our latest news at @BarkerandWags.


Health Matters
Arthritis is perhaps the most common ailment affecting dogs in the UK. It is common in pedigree, large breed and older dogs presenting as lameness, difficulty standing and falling behind on walks.
Arthritis can be managed by a healthy diet and regular exercise. We recommend you contact your Veterinarian to plan how to manage this condition.
Natural ingredients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been proven to successfully treat arthritis in humans and dogs.